Understand the Real Value of Your Compensation

Compensation packages contain many facets ranging from base salary and bonuses to healthcare, stock options, phone plans, PTO, 401K match, and other perks. The Comp Calculator places a value on your current comp package or job offer, values equity incentive compensation, and even estimates taxes.

Compensation Calculator

Input as much information as you'd like, and our Comp Calculator will estimate the value of your total compensation. Receive detailed pre-tax and after-tax valuations in a matter of minutes.

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Compare Job Offers Side-by-Side

Line up job offers next to your current job and compare them on an apples-to-apples basis, taking into account taxes and more.

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Downloadable Reports

Sometimes it's nice to be able to share comp details with family members or trusted mentors. Download or print a free PDF report at any time.

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