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Frank Ricard, MBA

Data Analyst

Pasadena, CA 91001

(310) 555-2134


I am a business minded Data Analyst with experience working with large data sets in the manufacturing industry. Because of my diplomacy, I have lead work projects which spanned across the United States and internationally. I have built a proven reputation for being one of the first Data Analysts in new departments building bridges, and implementing a scalable process for data collection.

• SPSS• Data mining
• SQL and databases• Data Scientist
• Business Intelligence• Quantitative Analysis


2017 - Present

Acme Manufacturing

Data Analyst

Acme Manufacturing is a Fortune 300 company with a national customer base of over 4 million customers. We build widgets for the aerospace industry and have an inventory of over 100K products which relies on data analysis to upsell current customers and open new sales channels.

  • Implementing econometric fixed effects models for measuring the ROI of mass media advertising(print circulars and television advertising)and effectively communicating the results to senior leadership.
  • A recognized leader in Traffic Analytics: Project managing customer-event downstream value requests, organizing a bar-raising Traffic Data and Analytics Boot Camp, frugally bringing deeply discounted SAS training to BIE teams across the campus, author and major contributor of our team Wiki and trusted source for new hires to Traffic and outside teams.
  • Test design and measurement of Google Product Search cannibalization on other sources of Acme's EU traffic. Successfully removing 30% of the error in our measurement, the partitioned regression permitted us to act on the results of the test.
  • Driving the analytics behind Acme's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Lab and experimental design for SEO content strategy. An agent of change, championing sound experimental design practices while judiciously balancing engineering debt. 

2015 - 2017

Coyote Widgets

Sr. Data Analyst

Coyote Widgets is one of the largest distributors of machine parts in the auto industry for both the domestic and import markets. Using data analytics and partnering with our customers, Coyote built a reputation for Just In Time Distribution methods saving customers millions of dollars in warehouse costs around the world.

  • Introduced numerous modeling techniques and analytic methods to Coyote including multivariate methods to measure lift associated with online marketing campaigns, profiling audience based on surveys and online search behavior, measuring customer satisfaction based on Net Promoter Scores, forecasting user values, identifying factors affecting conversion and churn/retention, and developing KPI goals.
  • Sophisticated analytics with Excel, SAS, SPSS, and ProClarity to derive insights about our business and make actionable recommendations based on data drawn from MS OLAP cubes, and MS SQL and MySQL servers.
  • Leading several successful projects from design to analysis and presentation, including user surveys, a web publisher quality score algorithm, and experimental design for marketing campaign analysis and user experience optimization. 

2013 - 2015

Road Runner Distribution


Road Runner Distribution is a medium sized distribution center serving the Pacific Northwest coffee markets. Road Runner was one of the early adopters of data analytics and the sharing of this information with its customer base to help increase retail sales.

  • Identified, developed, maintained and reported on all relevant product, website, and customer/user metrics to help facilitate data-driven decision making.
  • Spearheaded business optimization platform and process. Led two of the largest A/B/n and multivariate tests on our home page. The tests yielded a 9.6%lift for one of our largest profitability drivers, equating to annualized lift of $532K.


University of Washington

Seattle, WA

MIS and Business Analytics

University of Washington, Foster School of Business

Seattle, WA


Personal Interests

I love creating and studying analytic reports for sports pools and Fantasy Football leagues. In my off time I can be found in the outdoors, passionate about fly fishing and camping gadgets.