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Tommy Callahan

Customer Service Representative


(419) 205-5555


I am a recent college graduate and Customer Service advocate with experience in both retail and call centers. My past experience has included both Employee of the quarter and scoring top of a department in a call center of over 70 representatives. I receive letters of appreciation from customers on a regular basis and understand the balance between customer and business needs.

• Customer Service• Power Excel User
• Client Relations• High Touch Retail


Seattle, WA
2016 - Present


Sales Associate

Nordstrom is a high-end/high touch clothing retailer that changed the industry on Customer Service. Nordstrom was a pioneer and providing extraordinary customer service and its core value is to make the customer feel good and that relationships are built on trust.

  • Through attentive customer service and maintaining a client notebook, cultivated a clientele list from 0 to over 150 repeat customers with an average purchase of $1200.00.  Was recognized publicly by the store manager at an all company meeting for quickly building a book of business through high touch relationships.
  • Worked at the customer service booth where the primary customer is returning items they were not satisfied with. Quickly built a positive relationship with these customers to escalations to a minimum.
  • Attended the Nordstrom class of Customer Service where I learned everything about creating a client relationship from how to greet the customer to difficult conversations to follow up after the sale. This class emphasized a long-term approach to the client relationship.

2014 - 2018

U of W Call Center

Technical Customer Support Specialist

The University of Washington Call Center company is an outsourced call center that handles calls for technology companies that don't want to maintain a call center and focus on their technology. Nevada Call Center has contracts with many different tech companies and services.

  • Answered a constant flow of dynamic customer calls with up to 7 calls in queue per minute.  All of the calls are surveyed and I consistently scored in the top 10% for customer satisfaction.
  • Recognized that the center was receiving a number of customer calls on a consistent basis. I created a top 10 questions and answers list that new hires were able to study and learn very quickly. Through phone tree routing, during heavy volume shifts, we were able to put the new hires on the phone for these specific calls and reduce call wait time by 50%. 
  • Prepared reports and communication for senior management and clients. These reports included a number of KPI's including but not limited to call volume, wait time, volume by the hour, volume by region and type of call. From this information, we were able to fine-tune our phone tree routing systems and reduce wait time by 10%. 


University of Washington

Seattle, WA
Bachelors of Science 2018


-Vice President of Fraternity Gama Gama 2 years -Worked 20 hours a week through school

Personal Interests

Hiking, soccer, and listening to business podcasts